Tikkurila Everal Aqua 80


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Tikkurila Everal 80, newest generation, universal, waterborne, semi matt acrylic enamel, with high durability.



Tikkurila Everal Aqua 80 is the newest generation, universal, waterborne, gloss acrylic enamel, with high durability. Available in a wide range of colours. The product is designed for painting interior and exterior wood, chipboard, and previously primed metal surfaces, as well as to the surface: steel, galvanized steel, acid-resistant steel, aluminum, copper, plastic, glass, ceramic tiles – after the preparation of the surface. Enamel can also be used for renovation painting of surfaces previously painted with alkyd paints or chemically harden. Thanks to modern technology, the painted surface is resistant to mechanical damage, does not yellow over time, and protects the painted surface against weather conditions.


Up to 14 m2/l per one coat. Actual coverage depends on many factors, such as surface texture, porosity, and moisture content of the surface.


Tikkurila Everal Aqua 80 can be applied by brush, roller, or spray.

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